Absentus's beginning lies in a personal loss. This experience was the starting point for our mission to create zeitgeist-driven, but at the same time functional products and services for the cemetery industry. 

When an important person passes away, all we are left with at first is grief.  Gradually, however, the beautiful memories also come. We can think about our loved ones everywhere - but often we stay at the gravesite to honor the deceased with small gestures and beautiful rituals. Our products are designed to support this active remembering. 


Our product portfolio continuously grows and consists out of physical and digital products. 



Individual gravestones

Absentus grave monuments were born from the idea that remembering needs a place where appreciation for the deceased can be expressed through small gestures of affection. These memorial rituals include the lighting of candles, the arrangement of flowers, and the quiet lingering at the graveside. This need is taken into account by our grave arrangements, which protect the candlelight from the wind and simplify the maintenance of the planting.


Our collection consists of a carefully thought-out selection of grave monuments, which elegantly combine functionality and high-quality materials with each other.